Staff Recognition Award

Staff Recognition Award

A complement to the Student Recognition and Faculty Mentoring Awards, the HSPH Student Government Staff Recognition Award award honors two exemplary staff who have demonstrated a passion for enhancing the HSPH community by strengthening the connection between staff, students, and faculty. The award is open to any HSPH staff, and is intended acknowledge the importance of non-classroom and mentoring activities on the lives of students.

Please submit all nominations to by date TBD. Nominations may be in email form and should describe in no more than 300 words why you feel this person should be nominated. Please provide examples.

Award Details:

Who is eligible to receive the HSPH Student Government Staff Recognition Award?
HSPH staff.

Who may submit a nomination?
HSPH faculty, staff, and students. Staff may not nominate themselves.

When is the deadline for nominations?
Date TBD.