Future Ceremony Information

Students graduating in November or March of an academic year are eligible to attend the May Convocation ceremony of the same academic year (i.e. November 2024 graduates are eligible to attend convocation in May 2025).

Ceremony and other graduation week event details are typically updated throughout the Spring semester of the ceremony year (i.e.  May 2025 graduation details will be updated starting in January 2025).

Future Ceremony Dates

Harvard Chan Convocation Dates through 2030 Harvard Commencement Dates through 2030
Wednesday, 5/28/2025* Thursday, 5/29/2025*
Wednesday, 5/27/2026* Thursday, 5/28/2026*
Wednesday, 5/26/2027 Thursday, 5/27/2027
Wednesday, 5/24/2028 Thursday, 5/25/2028
Wednesday, 5/23/2029 Thursday, 5/24/2029
Wednesday, 5/29/2030* Thursday, 5/30/2030*

*Occurs during the same week of Memorial Day