2023 Student speaker

Hailey HernandezHailey Hernandez, MPH ’23

Hailey Hernandez, is a member of the class of 2023 from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. She focused her studies in health policy where she sought ways to better integrate social determinants of health in key policy decisions to drive health equity. She is passionate about engaging housing stakeholders to promote better health among minority populations; particularly, among Tribes and American Indians/Alaska Natives. Her journey began in the outskirts of Orlando, Florida, and continued through the suburbs of Chicago, where she saw the intricate way social determinants impact one’s story. As a Public Narrative Coach, she is inspired by narrative as a tool to drive health and social change and seeks to enable and empower others to adopt storytelling into their public health leadership practice.

Currently, she is a healthcare consultant in the non-profit space where she supports work in addressing COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among priority populations and improving financial sustainability of evidence-based chronic disease self-management programs, all while working alongside a Tribe in Wisconsin to drive housing inspection policy changes to improve health outcomes. But she is not all work and no play! She always finds time to add new songs to her Spotify playlist, Facetime her two nieces, social dance, go on a mental health walk, and add to her poetry collection.