The mission of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences is to understand and intervene on the social determinants of health and health equity across the life-course.

This mission is achieved through research to identify the social and behavioral determinants of health, development and evaluation of interventions and policies leading to the improvement of population health, and the preparation of professionals and researchers who will fill leadership positions in advocacy and public service. The department’s educational mission is to train both scholars and practitioners: scholars whose research will illuminate basic social determinants of health and who will identify and test innovative social policy and service interventions; practitioners who are skilled in designing, implementing, and evaluating health-enhancing interventions in action settings.

Quick Facts: 
20 Primary Faculty | 22 Secondary/Adjunct Faculty
50 Researchers | 34 Staff Members
36  Doctoral students | 70 MPH students | 1 SM student

Research Areas:
Social Determinants | Interventions/Health Communications | Human Development/MCH

Why Choose SBS:
We’re the top ranked social/behavioral sciences department in the nation according to the last National Research Council survey of all research doctorate programs in the US (2010).