DIB Action & Progress

2021-22 SBS DIB Committee Action Items

ODI Priority Area 1 : Leadership & Institutional Systems

Build institutional systems and policies coupled with leadership practices and organizational resources that allow for sustainable diversity, best practices and progress across core functions of the school.

SBS DIB Action Item: Develop a more inclusive and welcoming department climate based on the input from the greater SBS community.

  1. Hosted an anonymous comment board to gauge actionable steps SBS can take to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment.
    1. At least 40 different SBS community members posted comments.
  2. Synthesized the results in an easy-to-read graphic and published in the Spring2 newsletter.
    1. Encouraged working groups to discuss how to operationalize the top priority action items.

ODI Priority Area 2: Learning Culture at Harvard Chan School

Establish institutional policies, practices and expectations for our leaders and all community members that center the development of awareness, knowledge and skills necessary for fostering cultures of belonging and inclusion.

SBS DIB Action Item: Working to move the department community norms towards recognition and encouragement of community service and learning.

  1. Developed a survey to inquire about ways the SBS community engages in community service outside of academic studies/work.
  2. Based on survey results, identified a student to interview about their community service engagement in our department newsletter. This feature can be an ongoing section of the newsletter in 2022 and beyond.

ODI Priority Area 3: Diversity of Our People & Their Success

Increase representation of historically marginalized communities, underrepresented Black, Indigenous and communities of color, and access to resources, programs, and networks that promote success and value unique perspectives in an anti-oppressive environment.\

SBS DIB Action Item 1: Formal coordination with ODI, the Admissions Office, Faculty Affairs and HR on best EDIB practices and recruitment strategies.

  1. Through utilizing our Committee Liaison, created more open channels of communication with other departments regarding EDIB practices and strategies.
  2. Committee members who are already involved in ongoing work and projects continue to center EDIB practices in their communication with HR, Faculty Affairs, Admissions, and other departments.

SBS DIB Action Item 2: Develop concrete support systems for students, faculty, and staff for their success.

  1. The Department hosted three events to encourage relationship-building between faculty and students outside of the classroom in a more casual setting.
  2. Hosted an open dialogue about ways to support staff in taking paid time off for rest and rejuvenation, as well as ways to pursue professional development and personal endeavors.