Headshot of Laura Chen.

Laura Chen

PhD-PHS-SBS Student, '27

I’ve worked on projects surrounding immigration, stress, and health, cancer inequities in AI/AN populations, and state-level midwifery policy and birth outcomes. Currently, I’m interested structural and political determinants of health, … Continue reading “Laura Chen”

Headshot of Jen Cruz.

Jen Cruz

PhD-PHS-SBS Student, '25

Research/Practice Interests: Social epidemiology; Implementation science; Cancer prevention; Health equity; Community Engagement

Sirad Hassan

PhD-PHS-SBS, ‘27

I am interested in refugee health, maternal and child health, reproductive health, substance use, community based participatory research, and mixed methods.

Headshot of Sakurako S. Okuzono.

Sakurako S. Okuzono

PhD-PHS-SBS Student, '28

My research focuses on understanding 1) how upstream (e.g., neighborhood, policies) and individual-level (e.g., characteristics) factors could interact to buffer long-term health impact of childhood adversity, and 2) cultural difference … Continue reading “Sakurako S. Okuzono”

Headshot of Even Paglisotti.

Even Paglisotti

PhD-PHS-SBS Student, '25

My research focuses on social and structural determinants of transgender and nonbinary adolescent mental health disparities, quantitative intersectional methods, and demographic measurement.