Alice Liu

MPH-HSB- 45, '24

Academic interests include: neurological disease research and clinical care, predominantly in resource-limited settings.

Headshot of Raveena Longia.

Raveena Longia

MPH-HSB-65 Student, '24

My interests range from health accessibility and culturally-appropriate avenues for communities to access care, to chronic trauma and disability, to general info on the brain!

Headshot of Sakurako S. Okuzono.

Sakurako S. Okuzono

PhD-PHS-SBS Student, '28

My research focuses on understanding 1) how upstream (e.g., neighborhood, policies) and individual-level (e.g., characteristics) factors could interact to buffer long-term health impact of childhood adversity, and 2) cultural difference … Continue reading “Sakurako S. Okuzono”

Headshot of Even Paglisotti.

Even Paglisotti

PhD-PHS-SBS Student, '25

My research focuses on social and structural determinants of transgender and nonbinary adolescent mental health disparities, quantitative intersectional methods, and demographic measurement.

Headshot of Hoai An Pham.

Hoai An Pham

MPH-HSB-65 Student, '24

Implementation science and using public health research to inform community-led organizing efforts to create abolitionist care-based safety programs that ensure care and dignity for all.