At the Harvard NIEHS Center for Environmental Health, we study the impacts of exposures to metals, organic chemicals, particulate matter, and other toxins on human health. The Center is housed at the Harvard School of Public Health and provides translational research support to environmental health scientists throughout Harvard University and the Harvard teaching hospitals.  Read more …


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Congratulations to our NIEHS Center Pilot Project grantees:

  • Gary Adamkiewicz: Pilot Development of a Dorchester Air Quality Surveillance System (DAQSS)
  • Joe Allen: Evaluation of inhalation exposure to diacetyl and other flavoring compounds in e- cigarette
  • Jennifer Bobb: A statistical approach for estimating the health effects of air pollution mixtures on multiple outcomes simultaneously
  • Rama Krishnan: Assessment of Environmental Toxins: Bridging the Gap Between Cell Assays and Intact Animals/Humans
  • Jim Shine: Assessment of heavy metals levels in soil and among a human population living near a copper smelter in Chile

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