Tools for Researchers

With support from the P30 Center, our members have developed tools that have been widely used for environmental health research by scientists all over the world. Below are just a few examples:

Air Quality Data for Health-Related Applications

Set of 7 data sets provide air quality data for health-related research and applications. Led by Dr. Joel Schwartz and team.

Digital Phenotyping and Beiwe Research Platform

A research platform that helps investigators use statistical methods for smartphone-based digital phenotyping in research and clinical use. Led by Dr. JP Onnela and team.

Environmental Multi-pollutant Monitoring Assembly (EMMA)

The Environmental Multi-pollutant Monitoring Assembly (EMMA) allows researchers to study in-home air pollution exposure disparities across various housing types in two environmental justice communities. Led by Dr. Gary Adamkiewicz and team.

Co-Benefits of the Built Environment (CoBE)

This tool allows users to quantify the climate and health co-benefits of energy conservation measures in buildings. Led by Dr. Joe Allen and the Healthy Buildings Program.

Menstrual cycle length and variability: a visual explanation

This tool helps explain and visualize the menstrual cycle. Presented by the Apple Women's Health Study.

Reserve the pXRF

We have a portable X-ray fluorescence analyzers (pXRF) available for loan. Some restrictions may apply - each request will be evaluated on a case by case basis.