Community Resources

Beauty + Justice Podcast

Led by Dr. Tamarra James-Todd, this Beauty + Justice Podcast explores issues related to environmental exposure, women’s reproductive health, and health disparities across the life course.

‘Descendant’ Unearths Painful Legacy; New Opportunities

Our Center hosted a film screening of Netflix documentary 'Descendant', followed by a panel discussion about ongoing EJ issues in Africatown (Mobile, Alabama)

Menstruation Animation, Museum of Science

Mahalingaiah Lab, supported by pilot project funds from our Center, produced a short animated video to teach people about menstruation.

Environmental Racism in Greater Boston

This interactive web resource focuses on environmental racism in greater Boston, as well as efforts to promote environmental justice in the area.

Environmental Health Disparities - An Overview

This short video (5 mins) gives an overview of environmental health disparities in research.

Annotated Lit Review: Health Benefits of Urban Greenspace

Our CEC partnered with the Arnold Arobretum to outline the health benefits of urban greenspace.