Series & Seminars

Schedules for upcoming events and seminars described below can be found on the Center Calendar.

NIEHS Center for Environmental Health Colloquium Series

Monthly luncheon seminar (2nd Wednesdays) featuring thought leaders from all around the world.  For recordings of the latest series, please visit ‘Videos & Multimedia‘.

2020-2021 Colloquium Series: Racism, Disparities & Environmental Health

Center Chalk Talks (4th Wednesdays)

Our monthly Center Chalk Talks (4th Wednesdays) is a chance for members and affiliates to showcase the exciting research they are working on and solicit collaboration. Some sessions are recorded and available to view here.

Specific Aims Reviews

Luncheon consultation for investigators with upcoming grant submissions.  A panel of faculty members offer their critique of and suggestions for improving Specific Aims sections for junior faculty and post docs in a friendly, constructive, open session. Open to all members, collaborators and their trainees.  Sessions held the first Thursday of April, September, and December.

Contact: Diane Gold

SPARC Sessions 

The Space for Alternative Research Collaboration (SPARC) sessions occur quarterly and provide opportunities for Center members and affiliates at all levels (faculty, research scientists, post-docs and students) to meet informally. The central purpose of the sessions is to provide a comfortable venue and unstructured time during which investigators across disciplines can share ideas, learn about each other’s work, brainstorm new collaborations and enhance both camaraderie and intellectual creativity.

Contact: NIEHS Center

Environmental Statistics Seminars

Focus is on statistical issues related to assessing environmental effects on human health and analyzing environmental data in general. Specific areas of interest include air pollution epidemiology, exposure assessment, teratology, fertility and reproduction, respiratory studies, and community-based research as well as general topics such as errors-in-variables models, missing data methods, hierarchical modeling, smoothing, and methods for correlated data such as longitudinal and spatial data analysis.

Fridays, 12:30-2:00pm HSPH2, Room 426
Contact: Brent Coull


MIPS Seminars

Co-sponsored by the Harvard-NIEHS Center and the Molecular & Integrative Physiological Sciences (MIPS) Program of the Environmental Health Department, seminars focus on biological mechanisms underlying health effects of environmental exposures using the full palette of modern techniques, including molecular and cellular biology, animal models, and human studies. Presentations are usually on work being done at the Center and in the Department, with an occasional “Special Seminar” featuring an outside speaker.

Tuesdays,  9:30-10:30 am, HSPH Bldg I, Room 1302
Contact: Patrice Ayers


Education and Research Center (ERC) Seminars

These seminars are designed to disseminate research findings in occupational and environmental health and safety. Monday ERC Seminars are delivered by invited external practicing experts, Friday Research Seminars are delivered by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health doctoral and postdoctoral students, and Friday Grand Rounds by Harvard Chan School resident physicians and external expert physicians.

This series is co-sponsored by the Environmental and Occupational Medicine and Epidemiology Program, the Harvard Chan School’s Department of Environmental Health, the Harvard-NIEHS Center for Environmental Health (P30 ES000002), and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Contact: Ann Backus


Center Retreat

Annual Center Retreat is held offsite at the start of the academic year. Event features poster and oral presentations about the Center resources, as well as cutting edge research and pilot projects.  There is plenty of opportunity to meet other members, share ideas, promote new collaborations, and contemplate future directions for our Environmental Health Center.

Contact: Monica Russell