Environmental Racism in Greater Boston: an Interactive Web Resource

Environmental racism is the disproportionate impact of environmental hazards on people of color. This series focuses on environmental racism in greater Boston, as well as efforts to promote environmental justice in the area.


This resource was developed by the Harvard Chan-NIEHS Center for Environmental Health as a collaboration between the Community Engagement Core and the Geospatial and Contextual Methods Core. Activities are supported by core center grant P30-ES000002 from the National Institutes of Health.

This resource can be viewed in 4 parts:


Introduction to the Series

Part 1 - Segregation

Racial Residential Segregation in Greater Boston

Part 2 - Neighborhoods

Environmental Racism at the Neighborhood Level

Part 3 - Households

Environmental Racism at the Household Level

Part 4 - Personal Care Products

Environmental Racism in Personal Care Products

Parte 4 - En Español

Racismo Ambiental en los Productos de Cuidado Personal

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