Community Action Funds

We offer Community Action Funds (up to $3,000) are available for community-based research projects that aim to empower communities and effect policy changes. We aim to fund small, targeted, action-oriented efforts through an expedited application and review process (analogous to that used for Facilities Access Funds, see IHSFC Research Strategy). These funds, to be awarded on a rolling basis, are intended to fund short-term activities that allow community groups to identify activities that would propel novel initiatives from concept to action. Funds may be used for services, data collection, data analysis, expertise, facilitation, or student help. We also consider this a mechanism for learning about and documenting the concerns of community members and stakeholders.

To apply:

Each application will be reviewed by three Center members including the CEC Core Director, the Director of Outreach, and a member of the Stakeholder Advisory Board. The funds are capped at $3,000 per request, but we will also encourage requests in the range of $1,000-$2,000.

Community partners are also eligible to apply for Facilities Access Funds (up to $7,500 per request) and Pilot Project Funding (up to $25,000). For questions, email

Past CAF Recipients