Organic Chemicals Research Core

Director: Tamarra James-Todd, MPH, PhD

The Organic Chemicals Research Core fosters research collaboration among Center members and provides expertise in the investigation of organic compounds in environmental and occupational epidemiological and exposure science research.



Our aims are to:

  • Explore and innovate exposure biomarkers for environmental chemicals
  • Identify and coordinate services to analyze biomarkers for standard and emerging organic compounds
  • Provide epidemiologic and biostatistics expertise in the study of organic compounds in human populations.


◊  Consultation: Dr. Tamarra James-Todd and the Organic Research Core is able to advise Center members on feasibility, experimental design and best technologies for their analytical needs, and provide consultation and assistance with identifying laboratories for analysis of organic compounds.

◊  Liaison: The Core acts as liaison between the Center investigators and outside laboratory services.

◊  Training: The Core provides training opportunities for post-doctoral fellows or visiting fellows/faculty.

◊  Communications: The Organics Research Core will prepare media, slides or other informational material for presentations by NIEHS Center investigators to community groups or policymakers.

Center investigators who require funding for internal or external services related to the Harvard-Chan NIEHS Center’s research mission may apply for Facility Access Funds, which are reviewed within 72 hours.

Recent publications by Core investigators

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