Facility Access Funds


The Integrated Health Sciences Facility Core (IHSFC) offers a rapid-response funding mechanism that allows users to benefit from the many well equipped biological, clinical and translational resources offered on  a fee for service basis by our Harvard affiliates (e.g. through Harvard Catalyst), as well as many other unique, specialized, time sensitive or commercial resources that would otherwise be unaffordable.

Center Members and their research teams may apply for funding (up to $10,000) at any time. Funds are only to be used for services not covered by extant grants. To assure transparency, all approved requests will be public information.

To apply, simply fill out the Qualtrics form below. Applicants will need to identify the required service and provider and obtain a cost estimate as part of the application. Requests are reviewed and responded to usually within 72 hours.

For questions, please email niehsctr@hsph.harvard.edu.