In Spring 1, 2015, I taught EPI511, Advanced Population and Medical Genetics (8:30-10:20am TR). 2016 Syllabus and link to the 2016 course website.  In Spring I, 2016, EPI511 will meet at 1:30-3:20pm TR.


Human Genetics Courses at HSPH

Genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics courses offered at HSPH during the 2015-2016 academic year include:

  • Fall 1 EPI 249 Molecular Biology for Epidemiologists- Instructor Immaculata De Vivo (syllabus)
  • Fall 2 BIO 227 Introduction to Statistical Genetics- Instructor Martin Aryee (syllabus)
  • Fall 2 EPI 507 Genetic Epidemiology- Instructors Peter Kraft and Liming Liang
  • Winter EPI 293 Analysis of Genetic Association Studies- Instructor Liming Liang (2015 syllabus)
  • Spring 1 EPI 511 Advanced Population and Medical Genetics- Instructor Alkes Price (2015 Syllabus)
  • Spring 2 BIO 257 Advanced Statistical Genetics- Instructor Liming Liang (2015 syllabus)