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The Center for Health Communication’s Creators program, launched in 2023, was designed to support creators who want to spread evidence-based information about public health.

Watched and trusted by millions, creators are today’s media gatekeepers. They play a critical role in making sure that people have access to the health information they want and need.

The Creators program allows creators to engage directly with public health experts and clinicians at Harvard and beyond. And it connects them with cutting-edge research, emerging policy ideas, and critical new resources in public health.

The Creators program allows students at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health to learn from creators about social media best practice.

We launched the Creators program in 2023 with a mental health focus.

Learn more about the 2023 Creators Summit on Mental Health and the ongoing Mental Health Creator Program…

Mental Health Creator Program

Get access to resources, briefings, and collaboration opportunities as a mental health content creator
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Creator partnerships in the news

Read coverage of our partnerships with creators in The New York Times, NPR, and more.
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2023 Creators Summit on Mental Health

Meet the creators who attended the 2023 summit and explore the agendas for our April and August convenings.
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Explore the results of our field experiment, which tested how creator content was impacted by informational toolkits and the Creators Summit on Mental Health.
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