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TikTok video on the Child Tax Credit by Carlos ( @carloschavezl)

A playbook for partnering with TikTok creators on health campaigns

A step-by-step guide for how to work with creators to spread evidence-based public health information
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Thumbnail of youtube video about tips for scicomm on TikTok

How to communicate science on TikTok

Top climate creators share their tips for making engaging TikTok videos about science and health.
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Printable infographic - 10 research-backed tips for climate communication

10 tips for communicating about climate change

What behavioral and social science research reveals about how best to talk with patients or the public about the health effects of climate change.
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Lesson 3 from Gabriella Stern: To reach a diverse audience, build a diverse team

5 lessons for communicating during a pandemic

Best practice from WHO communications pro Gabriella Stern
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Lesson 4 for countering health misinformation: Correcting misinformation is more effective than you might think

5 lessons for countering health misinformation

Best practice from research psychologist Briony Swire-Thompson
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More resources we love

Harvard Kennedy School's Communication Program

A collection of writing, public speaking, and digital communications resources for those who want to influence public policy.

The Op-Ed Project

Free tools and tricks for writing powerful op-eds, plus weekly "Ask a journalist" office hours to get feedback on your draft.

The Message Box

An easy-to-use tool for crafting your science or health message

Harvard Catalyst’s Writing and Communication Center  

A comprehensive collection of tools, trainings, and resources designed to empower clinical and translational researchers to better articulate their science.

Health Communication Concentration  

The MPH Health Communication Concentration at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health provides systematic, rigorous, and conceptually grounded training in health communication for public health leaders, practitioners, and researchers.

Writing for Public Health

A list of recommended resources about scientific, grant, and other writing for students of public health.