Digital Safety Kit for Public Health

Online harassment of public health professionals and students is on the rise. Political division during the COVID-19 pandemic has created more risks for people doing health communication and community engagement online. 

Our kit is designed to help you prevent and reduce the harm of online harassment in public health. Learn how to protect each other and call for more institutional support to address this pressing issue.

Recognize online harassment

Define and understand tactics used to harass public health professionals and students online.
Explore the FAQ

Respond to online harassment

Reduce the harm if you, a colleague, or a direct report are experiencing online harassment.
Learn how to respond

Make a plan to protect yourself

Act today to reduce the harm from online harassment in the future.
Build safer habits

What institutions can do

Enact organizational policies to help prevent and respond to online harassment. 
Adopt safer policy


The Digital Safety Kit was created by Sam Mendez for the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s Center for Health Communication. It is designed to help you prevent and reduce the harm of online harassment in public health.

Front page of digital safety kit for public health

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