Photo of the center's senior director Amanda Yarnell

Amanda Yarnell

Senior Director, Center for Health Communication, and Instructor, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Amanda (she/her) joined Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in 2022 to lead its Center for Health Communication, where she is preparing public health leaders to credibly communicate health information in an increasingly fragmented world. In that work she leverages two decades of experience in science and health journalism, media product development, and audience engagement.  Prior to joining … Continue reading “Amanda Yarnell”

Elissa Scherer - MPH in social and behavioral sciences at Harvard Chan School of Public Health

Elissa Scherer

Communications Coordinator
Center for Health Communication

Elissa Scherer (she/her) is the Center for Health Communication’s Communications Coordinator and a second-year MPH student in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department. In her role as the Communications Coordinator, Elissa works to curate the Center’s digital presence, publish the Center’s newsletter, and evaluate the Center’s programs and services. In her time at Harvard, Elissa … Continue reading “Elissa Scherer”

Eli Cahan, host of Center for Health Communication's health journalism bonfires

Eli Cahan

Journalist-in-residence and host, Center for Health Communication’s health journalism bonfires Eli Cahan, MD, MS is an award-winning investigative journalist covering the intersection of child welfare and social justice. His written work has been featured in The Washington Post, LA Times, Rolling Stone, and USA Today, among other publications. His multimedia work has appeared on TV via ABC and radio via NPR. Eli’s reporting … Continue reading “Eli Cahan”

Yuning Liu, research assistant at the Center for Health Communication and PhD student in Population Health Sciences

Yuning Liu

Research assistant

Yuning Liu (she/her) is a PhD student in the Population Health Sciences program at Harvard University. She specializes in understanding the interaction between digital life and wellbeing. Specifically, she studies the impact of social media on individuals’ sense of well-being and explores ways to enhance evidence-based online health communication. Yuning’s approach draws from a multidisciplinary … Continue reading “Yuning Liu”

Photo of center advisory board member Meng Meng Xu

Meng Meng Xu

MPH student
Department of Health Policy and Management

Meng Meng Xu (she/her) is the Clinical Director of Eye Services at the South Boston Community Health Center and a faculty member at the New England College of Optometry. She has 10 years of experience delivering eye care to underserved communities and designing international educational programs in eye care.  She also mentors international students on … Continue reading “Meng Meng Xu”