Engaging with the media: A primer for public health

Engaging with journalists is an essential part of science and health communication. In this media training module from the Center for Health Communication, center director and veteran science journalist Amanda Yarnell teaches you how to engage effectively with journalists about your science and policy findings. This 20-minute training, and its companion workbook, will help you

✅ understand the media landscape and what you need to know about journalists and journalism

✅ learn how to vet a journalist’s request

✅ prepare for—and ace—the interview


A page from the workbook How to prepare for media interviews: A step-by-step guide for scientists and scholars

Download our companion workbook to help you prepare to engage with a journalist






If you are a Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health community member in need of media relations assistance

Contact Maya Brownstein () or Todd Datz  ()

If you are a Harvard Medical School community member in need of media relations assistance

Contact Harvard Medical School’s media relations team (hm_media_relations@hms.harvard.edu)


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