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The Center for Health Communication’s Creators program is working to build partnerships with creators who want to spread evidence-based information about public health. Creators are watched and trusted by millions, making them critical partners in ensuring that people have access to the health information that they want and need.

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Harvard Cozies Up to #MentalHealth TikTok

The New York Times

Ellen Barry, mental health reporter at The New York Times, takes you on the ground at 2023’s Creators Summit on Mental Health at Harvard.
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Carson speaks on mental health at Harvard


NBC news coverage of Carson Daly speaking at the Creators Summit on Mental Health.
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Fight Health Misinformation by influencing the influencers - an article by Lisa Jarvis

Bloomberg Opinion

Bloomberg Opinion columnist Lisa Jarvis argues that it’s about time that we train social media stars to provide their followers with evidence-backed content.
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It's been a minute episode title about Harvard's Creators Program

It's Been a Minute (from NPR)

It’s Been A Minute host Brittany Luse is joined by the Center for Health Communication’s Amanda Yarnell and Kate Speer to discuss why “working with TikTok to spread good information could be more strategic than writing it off as a den of misinformation.”
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NPR digital story about Creators Summit for Mental Health


Andrea Muraskin, NPR contributor, covers creator Kate Speer’s journey in the Mental Health Creator Program.
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How influencers can give public health the Stanley Quencher treatment

The Hill

Writing for The Hill, the Center for Health Communication’s Amanda Yarnell and Kate Speer lay out why we need to harness the viral power of social media for public health right now.
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Harvard Enlists Tik Tok Influencers to Correct Mental Health Myths

MindSite News

MindSite News‘ Courtney Wise covers the motivations and strategy behind the Creators Summit on Mental Health.
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Story on BU School of Public Health website titeled "Influencing the Influencers: How TikTok Can Promote Positive Mental Health"

BU School of Public Health

In this article, Jillian McKoy covers how Boston University and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health researchers teamed up for a field experiment testing how health experts and social media influencers can increase evidence-based information on social media.
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Blog by the Harvard Healthy Buildings Program about The Surprising Link between (Indoor) Air Quality and Mental Health

Harvard Healthy Building Program

This blog post by the Harvard Healthy Buildings Program covers the briefing that was provided to mental health content creators about the surprising link between indoor air quality and mental health.
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