Genomic Medicine in the Real World: ‘Hope’ and ‘Hype’

Genomics has, in a remarkably short period of time, led to revelations across a wide range of scientific disciplines. It’s helped us better understand everything from cancer to dinosaurs to the intricacies of sexual selection. In medicine, the study of genomics is already saving lives and driving trillions of dollars of economic activity. The ability … Continue reading “Genomic Medicine in the Real World: ‘Hope’ and ‘Hype’”

New Opportunities in the Field of Ethical Research Oversight

“IRBs are not the most popular kids on the block,” said Delia Wolf, referring to institutional review boards, the oversight groups that approve – and bury under paperwork, depending on whom you ask – clinical research projects involving human participants. Of course, popularity isn’t everything, but Wolf is helping give the IRB process a makeover, … Continue reading “New Opportunities in the Field of Ethical Research Oversight”

Equipping Physicians To Manage The Rapidly Evolving World of Health Care

On Mother’s Day, 2003, 5-year-old Matthew Siravo, who had epilepsy, died at Boston Children’s Hospital, two days after suffering a seizure that lasted an hour and a half. Siravo’s story made headlines in the local news, and in September of that year, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health issued what The Boston Globe called “a … Continue reading “Equipping Physicians To Manage The Rapidly Evolving World of Health Care”

Negotiating and Communicating With Patients

The idea of negotiating with a patient may seem odd, or even off-putting, to physicians and patients alike. But many physicians find they’re using management and leadership skills – such as negotiation and communication techniques – directly with patients, according to Kasisomayajula “Vish” Viswanath, professor of health communication at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public … Continue reading “Negotiating and Communicating With Patients”

8 Challenges to Customer-Driven Health Care

Health care is increasingly driven by patients who are behaving more like consumers and customers as they seek the best care at the most affordable price. As the industry evolves—due to fierce cost pressures, the Affordable Care Act, advances in technology, a new emphasis on preventative care, health-system mergers, and a host of other factors—one … Continue reading “8 Challenges to Customer-Driven Health Care”

Re-imagining England’s National Health Service

In an effort to re-imagine their historic national institution, England’s National Health Service (NHS) Leadership Academy have enrolled 50 emerging leaders onto a ten-month, fast-track executive program, beginning with an intensive one month executive education program this past June co-delivered by HSPH Center for Executive and Continuing Professional Education, Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education, and … Continue reading “Re-imagining England’s National Health Service”