Why Diversity Matters: Women on Boards of Directors

Having an effective board of directors is crucial to an organization. Even if the average person might not be able to name an organization’s board members, they have a strong impact on how an organization runs, makes decisions, and ultimately, on its success. This is particularly true in the health care, biotech, and pharmaceutical spaces, … Continue reading “Why Diversity Matters: Women on Boards of Directors”

Tuberculosis in Rural America: What Tuberculosis in Marion, AL Tells Us

Many factors could be blamed for the spread of tuberculosis in a rural Alabama town earlier this year, including its residents’ fears of being stigmatized in a small town, poverty line, and the legacy of the Tuskegee experiments.

Leadership Development (Infographic)

How do leaders become leaders? While some people still think leadership is an innate capacity, there is strong evidence that leaders develop over time through experience. Beyond experience, leadership development programs—including executive education courses, mentoring, internal educational offerings, and coaching—are a proven method for developing leadership capacity. Continue reading to find out how leadership development … Continue reading “Leadership Development (Infographic)”

A Primer on Project Management for Health Care

Project management has emerged as one of the most prominent business skills of our time because its use can help control costs, reduce risk, and improve outcomes. Used across disciplines, project management is the process of systematically planning, organizing, and then executing a pre-determined set of steps in order to maximize resource use and achieve … Continue reading “A Primer on Project Management for Health Care”