Land Pollution

Ward Acres Sludge - B20

(Grades 4-8)

Objectives:  Students should be able to:
  1. Know the different uses of land
  2. Discuss land pollution, and how it affects health
  3. Identify types and sources of land pollution
  4. Understand issues relating to environmental equity
  5. Comprehend lead poisoning
  6. Recycle materials properly
Major Concept:

Need for land
Land use
Green Space
Land Pollution:
Sources: Point; Non-point
Waste disposal
Lead poisoning
Diseases caused by land pollution
Environmental Equity
Industry location
Landfill placement

Materials for in-class activities:

Diagrams/Photos land use
Soil samples
Soil test kits
Lead test kits

Student In-class Activities:

Discussions of the major concepts of land pollution
* Collect different types of soil
Examine soil samples using a microscope
Conduct soil tests
* Use lead test kits on home surfaces
Study neighborhood maps
Plan a recycling program

* These are done over a period of a week or more, and results are discussed at a second visit by EHEP.

Program Enrichment:

Follow-up activities for classroom and home:
Collect and examine different types of soil
Find out where trash goes and how it gets there
Research pesticide/herbicide use
Design posters about recycling
Map students’ neighborhoods
Selected web-sites for student/teacher use:

Program links to: Health, physics, biology, environmental science, art, literacy, technology