The Data Collaborative on Health Systems Performance (DC-HSP)


The Health Systems Innovation Lab is working with Microsoft, Accenture and the Novartis Foundation on an ambitious project to establish a Data Collaborative on Health Systems Performance (DC-HSP). The primary objective of this collaborative effort is to leverage inaccessible health systems data to analyse and measure performance, particularly in relation to cardiovascular diseases (CVD), in order to inform policy, practice, and innovations for improved population health outcomes.

The DC-HSP will be conducted in two phases, focusing on three inter-related streams of activities: data, research, and translation. In the data stream, a comprehensive health systems dataset will be created, gradually expanding to incorporate data on contextual factors such as technologies, financing, and political arrangements. This dataset will serve as the foundation for research studies deploying advanced techniques in econometrics, data science, and simulation modelling to examine health system performance and test innovative scenarios. The research stream will develop a framework that utilizes the pooled data set to conduct comparative health systems studies, initially focusing on cardiovascular disease and expanding to other global health priorities as data become available. The translation stream aims to bridge the gap between health systems science and policy by engaging with public sector entities, hosting policy roundtables and leadership summits, and producing policy briefs and interactive data visualizations.