We conduct collaborative research with researchers in 60+ countries to generate evidence for theory development and policy translation tools for enhanced health policy and practice, healthcare investment, and the adoption and diffusion of healthcare innovations. The Lab’s areas of research specialization over the last 25 years now encompass several research clusters under Global Health Systems and Innovation.


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Global Health Systems

Health System Performance

The HSI Lab has developed and pioneered a unique approach (HSI Systems Analyzer ©) that provides a structured framework and uses mixed-methods study design, statistical regression, hyperstimulation, dynamic complexity, and advanced data science tools to measure health system performance.

Health System Reform

We work with our in-country co-investigators to design, implement and scale-up health policies and large-scale reforms to create high-value health systems, which are then described, analyzed and evaluated through collaborative research and case study development.

Universal Health Coverage

A sub-area of expertise that examines the design and implementation of large scale programs (Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiometabolic diseases), analyses of financing arrangements of health systems, fiscal space analyses, transitioning to sustainability, and novel institutional arrangements to deliver Universal Health Coverage and Care.



Diffusion of Health System Innovations

We use specific analyses from the HSI Systems Analyzer © to examine the interaction between healthcare innovations and health systems to inform the design, implementation and scale-up of healthcare innovations in global health systems (HSI Bonsai ©) .

Innovation Collaboratives 

Working with our collaborators and global clinical and innovation leaders around the world, we conduct research in Digital Health Systems, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Surgery, and Diabetes.

Value-Based Health Care

Using a health systems lens, we analyse the adoption and diffusion of value based health care initiatives globally, including integrated care models, in original research and case study development.

Innovative Financing

We conduct research that examines the role of innovative financing instruments and arrangements to expand fiscal space for health care globally.