Health Systems and Cancer Initiative in Latin America (HSCI-LA)


The Health Systems and Cancer Initiative in Latin America (HSCI-LA) project is a multinational collaboration involving countries in Latin America, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Brazil to help improve the response of countries to the rising burden of cancer, as part of its Constitutional commitment to health as a human right and as part of the international push for universal health coverage. The aims are to discuss the overall context of each country’s health system related to cancer, present major health system challenges identified by stakeholders, and identify policy options as suggested by the leading experts. Also, the HSCI-LA Learning Network component will provide a platform for health professionals, researchers, policymakers, civil society, and innovators for joint learning, experience sharing, design, and innovation to catalyze the development of high-value health systems to address cancer in Latin America. 


The first country-level study reports, ‘Addressing the rising burden of cancer: Challenges & opportunities’ for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia, are available on the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)’s website. Click here to access.