Strategic Public Private Partnerships


At the 2022 World Economic Forum, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, and the Health Systems Innovation Lab launched a Collaborative on Strategic Public Private Partnerships to Transform Cardiovascular Health, an initiative to tackle cardiovascular disease (CVD) – the world’s number 1 killer.

Strategic Public Private Partnerships are highly targeted collaborative partnerships purposefully designed to create value in health systems for patients, communities, economies, and society at large. Strategic PPPs are long-term relationships, based on the principles of trust, integrity and interdependence, and are critical to manage major health threats such as cardiovascular disease and can help diffuse transformative innovations independent of health system maturity or GDP per capita. For PPPs to produce population level impact, they need to be guided by systems thinking, championed by top leadership and operate at scale to create more ‘value for money’ through greater effectiveness and efficiency of the health system, and more ‘value for many’ by improving equitable access to health interventions and services that are more responsive to societal needs and expectations.

HSIL uses its 10-step framework to design Strategic Public Private Partnerships that deliver high value solutions and enhance the equity, efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness of health systems.

Seminal Studies

Strategic Public-Private Partnerships to Transform Cardiovascular Health

Target Population Outputs (TPOs): Creating High-Value Health Systems Through Strategic Public-Private Partnerships