Every year we organise a Hackathon together with our partners. The Health System Innovation Lab (HSIL) Hackathon is a transformative event with a clear mission: to empower innovators to create solutions that enhance healthcare systems globally. This dynamic and collaborative hackathon brings together professionals and experts from diverse fields to address critical healthcare challenges through innovation. By fostering an environment that encourages unconventional thinking and practical implementation, it serves as a catalyst for positive change in healthcare delivery. Participants are driven to develop groundbreaking solutions that can revolutionize healthcare, bridging the gap between theory and practice. The impact of these innovations extends beyond the hackathon, potentially leading to improvements in patient care, operational efficiency, and the overall adaptability of healthcare systems.

Moreover, the HSIL Hackathon cultivates a culture of collaboration and cross-disciplinary learning with enduring effects. Participants not only collaborate intensively during the event but also establish networks and relationships that extend beyond its duration. This collaborative ethos promotes ongoing knowledge exchange and the potential for future partnerships, ensuring that innovation continues to drive progress within healthcare systems. In summary, the HSIL Hackathon is a powerful platform for innovation, practicality, and collaboration, dedicated to transforming healthcare systems worldwide for the better.



  • Hackathon Asia: Type 1 Diabetes – Global Collaborative for Changing Diabetes in Children



  • Hackathon Africa: Digital Solutions to Transform Diabetes Health Care in Africa
  • Africa Health Conference: Building Resilience and the Future of Health in Africa



  • Hackathon Latin America: Digital Solutions for building High-Value Health Systems