The lab uses its research and educational engagement and platforms to inform health policies, health system reform strategies, and targeted innovations to enhance the performance of health systems that deliver high-value healthcare. Translational activities are delivered through three clusters: (I) Innovation and Ventures; (II) High-value health systems, (III) Case Studies, (IV) Reports, Policy Briefs, and Tools, and; (V) Strategic Public Engagement.


Students working on an innovative solution to address Type 1 Diabetes in Cambodia

HSI Venture Incubation Program

We provide a structured mentoring platform for Harvard students enrolled in Innovations and Global Health Systems, among other affiliated innovators, to incubate and accelerate the design, implementation and scale-up of promising ventures. The Lab has developed a hybrid approach to health systems hackathons that is more collaborative, efficient and leads to tangible outputs that can be implemented in health systems. HSI Hackathons© provide an interdisciplinary platform that leverages the entire Harvard innovation ecosystem and academic teaching hospitals to engage leading global experts to identify solutions to critical healthcare challenges. Since 2015, the Lab has led to the formation of 60+ ventures, with several promising teams undergoing formal incubation, winning prestigious startup awards and competitions, and securing sustainable financing to help their ventures grow and achieve health system impact.

We collaborate with our health system innovation partner network in the public, private and voluntary sectors across all country-income levels and regional groups to identify challenges and co-develop innovations that have the potential to create high-value health systems.


High-Value Health Systems

The Lab provides policy and programmatic support for public, private and voluntary actors involved in healthcare and leverages its research expertise to develop reports, strategic frameworks and tools to inform policy and practice for high-value health systems. Selected current and past projects include, among others:

  • Lancet Commissions
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  • G20 Innovation Hub
  • Global Collaborative for Digital Health Systems
  • GHP Project on Access to Care for Cardiometabolic Diseases (HPACC)
  • Global Collaborative for Changing Diabetes in Children
  • Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) – Latin America
  • Cancer Care and Control in Chile
  • Strategic PPPs
  • Global Surgery Foundation
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence
  • Effective public health communication for communicable diseases in Brazil


HSI Case Studies Library

Focused on generating empirical knowledge and facilitating teaching, we develop case studies that help to understand health system reform, value-based healthcare, integrated care models, and health care innovation diffusion into health systems.


Reports, Policy Briefs, Tools

We use our research to develop commissioned reports, policy briefs and specialized tools to inform policy and practice and innovation diffusion.


Strategic Public Engagement

All members of the lab engage in public discourse to disseminate research findings, advance public debate, and promote social engagement on major health system challenges and opportunites.