Global Health Policy Lab


The “Global Health Policy Lab” (GHPL) is a new collaboration between the Harvard Health Systems Innovation Lab and the Charité Center for Global Health. Its objective is to develop digital tools that enhance global capacity in identifying, benchmarking, disseminating, and assessing the impact of health laws and policies within the field of global health.

By making science and evidence-based policy-making a universal reality, the GHPL aims to improve access to quality care worldwide. The lab will build an accessible “Digital Repositorium” of health laws and policies, providing a yearly report with analysis of policy trends and insights.

Emphasizing digitalization and new technologies, the GHPL aligns with the World Health Organization’s Global Strategy on Digital Health, which seeks equitable access to quality health services.

Through the power of technology, the initiative aims to accelerate the translation of science-based recommendations into concrete laws, policies, and interventions for better global health outcomes. While challenges exist, such as data collection, technological development, and ethical concerns, the GHPL plans to play a differentiating and disruptive role in bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and political action. Supported by the Virchow Foundation for Global Health and partnering with the World Health Summit, this initiative strives to strengthen collaboration and address broad challenges in global health.

Health Policy Watch: New ‘Lab’ Aims to Leverage Digital Tools for Health Policy Making

A new collaboration called the “Global Health Policy Lab” (GHPL) aims to develop digital tools that strengthen the available global capacity to identify, benchmark, disseminate and assess the impact of relevant health laws and policies within the field of global health.
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