Health Systems and Cancer Initiative in Latin America Learning Network

The Health Systems and Cancer Initiative in Latin America (HSCI-LA) Learning Network will provide a platform for oncologists, researchers, policymakers, and entrepreneurs to co-learn and jointly develop solutions to transform and deliver high value health services for enhanced Cancer Care and Control in Latin America.


To collaboratively discuss and share evidence and perspectives within HSCI-LA in relation to:

  1. Health system performance in relation to cancer care and control across all Latin American countries;
  2. The major health system priorities that countries should address in relation to cancer care and control;
  3. Design, implementation, scale-up of transformative innovations in health systems to deliver high value health services for cancer care
  4. Provide a dedicated space for dialogue and joint learning at a national and regional level to facilitate exchange of experiences and knowledge and jointly transform cancer care and control in Latin America.

Launch events:

HSCI-LA will convene two meetings in 2023 to launch the Learning Network. These meetings will take place during two major Oncology conferences to ensure maximal attendance:

  • Learning Network Launch 1: 16–17 October, World Cancer Leaders Summit, Long Beach, CA, USA.
  • Learning Network Launch 2: 13–18 November, London Global Cancer Week, London, UK.


Building on the 2023 launch, the HSCI-LA Learning Network will plan and jointly implement an initial series of five collaborative activities in 2024 and beyond:

  • National Engagement: country leads will convene interdisciplinary HSCI-LA teams in their respective countries to review the national cancer priorities and jointly develop solutions;
  • HSCI-LA Report: country leads will contribute towards a synthesis report that reviews health system performance in relation to cancer health services in LA and identify promising innovations to create value at the system level;
  • Annual Summit: country leads and their respective teams will present their country assessments, jointly launch the summative report, and identify Learning Network priorities for the next year;
  • HSCI-LA Bulletin: hosted on the HSIL website, research scholars will collate relevant data and research about activities, results, and findings from all participating countries within the Learning Network.  The HSCI-LA Bulletin allow for greater visibility of projects, reports, and other works that have been written in Spanish and Portuguese.


Our Collaborators

Union for International Cancer Control
Novartis Foundation