Below you will find resources taken from throughout the website that are particularly important in applying health literacy to your work.


doak BookTeaching Patients with Low Literacy Skills by Doak, Doak, & Root (1996)






Environment Navigation PacketCoverThe Health Literacy Environment of Hospitals and Health Centers – Partners for Action: Making Your Healthcare Facility Literacy-Friendly by R.Rudd and J.Anderson, 2006.





ActivityPacketCover (activitypacketcover.jpg)The Health Literacy Environment Packet: First Impressions & A Walking Interview  by R. Rudd, 2010.





PartnersForActionHealth Literacy Public Health Forums: Partners for Action by R. Rudd and E. Zobel, 2005.






AsthmaCoverPlain Language Glossaries Click link to access:

Asthma:Key Words in Plain Language

Plain Talk about Arthritis and Key Words

Plain Talk about Lupus and Key Words

Arthritis: Key Words in Plain Language (written for Ireland)


SCChronic (scchroniccover-1.jpg)

Health Literacy Study Circles Click link to access:

Health Literacy in Adult Basic Education: Designing Lessons, Units, and Evaluation Plans for an Integrated Curriculum

Health Literacy Study Circles: Skills for Health Care Access and Navigation

Health Literacy Study Circles: Skills for Chronic Disease Management

Health Literacy Study Circles: Skills for Disease Prevention and Screening


Additional Resources

Free Online Training Courses