Berries are among the healthiest foods you can eat

Berries are among the top sources of vitamins, minerals, and disease-fighting nutrients, and they can help reduce the risk of many age-related conditions, according to experts.

“On average, people who eat more berries seem to live a little bit longer,” said Eric Rimm, professor of epidemiology and nutrition at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, in an August 2, 2021, Washington Post article. He suggested eating a cup of fresh berries a day when they’re in season to reap the health benefits.

The article noted that berries provide potassium, magnesium, vitamins C and K, fiber, and prebiotics—carbohydrates that help promote a healthy gut. Studies co-authored by Harvard Chan School researchers have found that eating blueberries can lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes; that eating foods high in anthocyanins (mostly blueberries and strawberries) can help people keep weight off; and that berry consumption can reduce the risk of heart attack and boost learning and memory.

Frozen berries provide the same health benefits as fresh, according to Rimm.

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