Harvard Public Health: Fall 2011

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Life after death: Helping former child soldiers become whole again

HSPH’s Theresa Betancourt has made it her mission to understand how to promote former child soldiers’ resilience—and ultimately, their healing.

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Dean’s message: A broader view of global security

The absence of good health is one of the major causes of global insecurity.


Quick updates about public health news from the Fall 2011 issue of Harvard Public Health.

Why IS health care reform so elusive?

HSPH health policy expert John McDonough discusses the revolutionary health reform law.

Returning home, with a plan to thwart killer TB

Osman Abdullahi hopes to tackle one of Kenya’s worst scourges.

Unlocking the secrets of drug resistance in malaria parasites

New research at HSPH is addressing an urgent need for early warning methods.

Saving lives in the heat of battle

Christian Benjamin, MD, MPH ’96 and Michael McCarten, DO, MPH ’99  are delivering evidence-based military medicine in Afghanistan.

Teaching leadership to leaders

The National Preparedness Leadership Initiative teaches seasoned professionals how to handle unprecedented disasters.

A launchpad for leaders

Fellowship program nurtures physicians’ “inner advocate,” propelling them into roles helping the disadvantaged on a national and global stage.

Strengthening health systems to address new challenge diseases (NCDs)

Reframing a public health acronym to adapt to health realities.

Philanthropic impact: A challenge we face together


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