Welcoming new lab members and lab outings in 2023!







Lab Lunch on June 15, 2023

Lab Lunch on 6/15/23


Chim receives her doctorate Chim Mwase, PhD Chim Mwase, PhD

Dr. Chimwemwe  Mwase received her PhD (5/25/2023 on the 372nd Harvard Commencement).


Chimwemwe Mwase, the first doctoral student in the Park Lab, successfully defended her thesis and enjoyed the party! (4/28/ 2023)


The COVID pandemic continued….


Chim and Jin-Ah attended the GRC. Jin-Ah is humbled to take a photo with the Chair of GRC (Dan) and  GRS (Chim).

Lab meeting via zoom during the Pandemic, Nov 2021Lab meeting during the Pandemic, Nov. 2021

A group of people around a table at a restaurant for a farewell party.A farewell luncheon for Mike O’Sullivan, July 2021

Lab Party

Lab Party, August 2021

Lab Party, August 2021



The members of the Park Lab welcoming a new member

Welcome to the lab, Alane!


Welcoming TK to the lab


Park Lab Year-End Lunch, Dec 2019

Annual Lab Party, Oct 2019


Welcome to the Park Lab, Chim! We are very excited to have you on board.


Year-end lunch, Dec 2018 

Lab Party, Oct 2018


Park Lab Lunch in July 2018

Welcome David Stevenson and Ji Won (Jamie) Baek to the Park Lab.
The 10th of July was declared as a Floral Shirt Day by David Stevenson, a summer intern student (Front row, far left). July 10, 2018.
On the Annual Lab Cleaning day in June, 2018


Park Lab Annual Party in October, 2017

Park Lab  “Unjammed”
Park Lab  “Jammed”










Park Lab Lunch in June 2017

A farewell to Ian Stancil, a reunion with Maureen McGill, and Welcoming Tiffany Tan.


Park Lab Annual Party in October  2016park-lab-gathering-oct_2016

Welcome Mike to the Park Lab in Sept 2016park-lab_oct_2016

Maureen’s Farewell lunch, June 2016Park Lab lunch_20160701