Research team

jin-ah_oct2016Jin-Ah Park, PhD, ATSF
Associate Professor of Airway Biology
Principal Investigator

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Chimwemwe Mwase 
PhD student in the BPH program [Fall, 2018- ]
Chim is interested in the role of tissue factor proteins contained in extracellular vesicles released by mechanically compressed airway epithelial cells. Mechanical compression mimics the mechanical effect of the airway epithelium in the narrowed airway during asthma exacerbations. Thus, her goal is to identify the role of tissue factor in asthma pathogenesis.

Gabrielle Webb 
PhD student in the BPH program [Fall, 2019- ]

Gabrielle is interested in the airway epithelial responses to E-cigarette vapor.






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Applicants must have a recent MD or PhD in Lung physiology, Toxicology, Biomedical EngineeringMaterial science, or a related field. Support for up to 3 years is available. Support from an NIH T32 training grant is also available in the MIPS program.