How to Apply


The PGDA is not currently accepting pilot project applications.  The usual pilot application requirements are as follows:

  1. PGDA Pilot Proposal Cover Sheet 2019
  2. Proposal Narrative: Proposals should not exceed 3 pages (not including references) and be in size 12, Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins. Proposals should include a description of the research and an explanation of how the pilot would aid progress to a larger research project.
  3. Budget Justification
  4. Detailed Budget: Use PHS 398 Form Page 4. If the project period is less than 12 months, please use PHS 398 Form Page 5 as well. For instructions on how to complete the budget forms, refer to PHS 398 Budget Instructions.
  5. CVs or NIH Biosketches for key personnel

We strongly encourage applicants to consult their local financial administrator or grant manager prior to submission. Local unit budget approval is not required at the proposal stage, but must be in place before the award will be made. Prospective applicants should discuss budget issues with PGDA Grant Manager, Kemjika Nwokogba.


Completed submissions should be emailed to the PGDA Program Manager by July 5, 2019, 5 pm EST. Please also copy the PI’s grant manager with the submission.

The proposal documents should be submitted as a single PDF file in the order indicated above.

The PGDA Executive Committee decisions will be communicated to applicants in August 2019. 

Please note: After approval by the PGDA Executive Committee, pilot projects require approval by the NIA and foreign clearance (where applicable) before beginning implementation. This process can take several months.