Visiting Scholars

PGDA supports visiting scholars to come to Harvard for short periods. Visiting scholars should be proposed by a faculty affiliate of PGDA detailing how they propose to work with the visitor and how their visit would strengthen aging research within PGDA.

PGDA Visiting Scholars
These individuals have traveled to Harvard to conduct research on aging with support from the PGDA. 
Neha Bairoilya
Jeffrey Cannon (2017-2018)
Michael Cameron
Felix Chan (2018)
Debora Di Gioacchino (2017)
Maddalena Ferranna (2018-present)
Günther Fink (2006-2008)
Jocelyn Finlay (2006-2008)
Ivan Frankovic (2017)
Ramiro Guerrero (2016-2017)
Rainer Kotschy (2018)
Ian Li (2018)
Sebastian Linnemayr (2007-2009)
Margaret McConnell (2009-2011)
Mark McGovern (2012-2014)
Ray Miller
Sanjay K. Mohanty
Vegard Nygard (2017-2018)
Roland Pongou (2017-2018)
Klaus Prettner (2011-2012)
Adikesavalu Ravindra (2018)
Carlos Riumallo-Herl (2019)
Johannes Schunemann (2018)
Uwe Sunde (2017-2018)
Sebastian Vollmer (2009-2011)