Award Conditions

Researchers awarded pilots will become affiliates of the PGDA. These awards will be made by the NIH from federal funds and must be administered in accordance with the T. H. Chan School – NIH grant policies. Funded projects will require approval for research on human subjects from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Institutional Review Board. Additionally, these projects will need to be reviewed by all other involved institutions including your local sponsored research office before funds can be disbursed. To help alleviate the burden of multiple institutional review board (IRB) evaluations, these studies may be eligible for an IRB Authorization Agreement with the T.H. Chan School. For more information, please visit the website for the Office of Human Research Administration (OHRA).

Studies that involve use of data from foreign human subjects, or collaboration with foreign individuals (or institutions) will also require U.S. State Department Foreign Clearance. If your project involves international work or human subjects, please contact David Canning ( before submission to discuss the feasibility of completing the project in the required time frame. PGDA staff members will assist in obtaining foreign clearance through the NIA. Each applicant is responsible for obtaining all other IRB reviews and authorizations.