Required Courses for all Environmental Health Students (Must be taken for an ordinal grade)

  • EH 205 Human Physiology
  • EH 504 Principles of Toxicology
  • EH 510 Fundamentals of Human Environmental Exposure Assessment
  • EH 520 Research Design in Environmental Health
  • ID 215 Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology
  • RDS 500 Risk Assessment
  • HPM 548 Responsible Conduct of Research
  • An additional intermediate/advanced course in biostatistics/quantitative methods chosen with the approval of your advisor (5 Chan credits/4 Griffin GSAS credits).


In addition, EH students are expected to take coursework

  • that fulfill your Area of Specialization (major) requirements (at least 16 Griffin GSAS/20 Harvard Chan credits – ordinal grades only)
  • that fulfills the course requirements of your two (2) minors (each minor requires at least 8 Griffin GSAS/10 Harvard Chan credits – ordinal grades only)
  • that fulfills training grant requirements as relevant
  • any additional coursework recommended by your advisor, Dissertation Advisory Committee (DAC), Associate Chair, Assistant Director of Faculty and Academic Affairs or Academic Coordinator