Required Courses for All Students

The following 3 courses need to be taken in the Fall semester of Year 1:

BPH 208 – Human Physiology

(Full Fall – 4 GSAS credits)

RDS 500 –Risk Assessment

(Fall 1 – 2 GSAS Credits)

EH 510 – Fundamentals of Human Environmental Exposure Assessment 

(Fall 2 – 2 GSAS credits)

Other required courses:

EH 520 – Research Design in Environmental Health 

(Full Spring – 2 GSAS credits/2.5 Harvard Chan credits)
NOTE: This course is taken in preparation for the preliminary qualifying exams (PQE/Orals exam) typically in the Spring of the 2nd year for new Harvard students or in the Spring of the 1st year for those students with a masters degree from the Harvard Chan School of Public Health.

An additional 4 GSAS credits (5 Harvard Chan credits) of an intermediate or higher quantitative course(s) chosen in consultation with your advisor

Consult the Department of Environmental Health Curriculum Guide/Handbook for additional course requirements based on your Area of Specialization.