Past Nutrition & Physical Activity Research Projects in Healthcare Settings

myoc logo 104x104 (myoc_logo_104x104.jpg)MYOC

The Maine Youth Overweight Collaborative (MYOC), a joint initiative of the Maine-Harvard Prevention Research Center, the Maine Center for Public Health, and the Maine Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), aimed to improve care and outcomes for overweight youth. MYOC applied community-based research principles to develop the Keep ME Healthy toolkit for parents and clinical care providers. It has reached an agreement with the National AAP to market and promote internationally its Pediatric Obesity Clinical Decision Support Chart.

business man thumb (business_man_104x104.jpg)Worksite Model for Prostate Cancer Screening

Every man is advised to discuss the potential risks and benefits of screening with his physician, so that he can make an informed choice about screening. In this study, researchers developed and evaluated a worksite model for prostate cancer education designed to promote informed decision-making regarding screening. Worksites provide access to a large segment of the at-risk population, a location where educational events can be held, and a setting where programs can be institutionalized over time.