Spring 2021


Polygenic Risk Scores for Prediction of Breast Cancer in Korean women

Yon Ho Jee
February 19, 2021


Integrating a trans-ancestry polygenic risk score with exome sequencing and metabolomic data to improve prostate cancer risk prediction

Barcu Durst
February 26, 2021


Studying the genetics of neurocognitive function within the admixed Hispanic population

Einat Granot-Hershkovitz
March 5, 2021


Leveraging single-cell ATAC-seq to identify disease-critical fetal and adult cell types for brain-related traits and disorders

Sam Kim
March 12, 2021 (Split Talk)


Non-conserved lincRNAs associate with complex cardiometabolic disease traits

Tingyi Cao
March 12, 2021 (Split Talk)


Leveraging gene co-regulation to identify gene sets enriched for disease heritability

Katie Siewert
March 26, 2021


Transcriptome-wide association study and fine-mapping at cell-type resolution

Huwenbo Shi
presenting joint work with
Martin J. Zhang
April 2, 2021


Linking disease with individual cells in single-cell RNA-seq data

Martin J. Zhang
April 9, 2021


Modeling tissue co-regulation to infer tissue-specific contributions to disease

Tiffany Amariuta
April 16, 2021


DNA methylation and coronary heart disease: a nested case-control study

Jiahui Si
April 23, 2021


Sexual dimorphism in genetic associations of testosterone and sex-hormone binding globulin with coronary heart disease

Jie (Jack) Hu
April 30, 2021


Developing Trans-ethnic Polygenic Risk Scores Using Empirical Bayes and Super Learning Algorithm

Haoyu Zhang
May 7, 2021


Systems Epidemiology of Cardiometabolic Diseases: Integrated Multi-omics Approaches to Facilitate Personalized Prevention

Jun Li
May 21, 2021