Spring 2023 Seminar Series


Integrated approaches for translational biomarker discover and cancer immunogenomics

Xuefeng Wang
February 9, 2023


Utilizing genetic correlation to increase the prediction accuracy of PRS

Marius Weidmann
February 16, 2023


CWAS: Building genetic models of chromatin to understand GWAS risk mechanisms

Sylvan Baca
March 2, 2023


Fine-mapping causal tissues and genes at disease-associated loci

Ben Strober
March 9, 2023


Germline genetic contribution to the immune landscape of cancer

Rosalyn Sayaman
March 23, 2023


The genetic architecture of cancer

Sara Lindstroem
April 6, 2023


A permutation framework for microbial differential abundance analysis

Jun Chen
April 13, 2023


Multi-omics Integration Reveals the Effect of Maternal Risk Factors on Fetal Birth Weight and Rapid Postnatal Growth

Huan Yun
April 20, 2023


A cross omits signature for inflammation markers of frailty

Anat Yaskolka Meir
April 27, 2023


Longitudinal Associations between Early-Life DNA Methylation and Childhood Asthma and Wheezing Outcomes: Insights from Multiple US Pediatric Cohorts

Yijun Li
May 4, 2023


Ancestry-specific patterns of the genetic architecture of whole blood gene expression

Linda Kachuri
May 11, 2023