Postdoctoral Fellows

 Postdoctoral Fellowspmage may 2013 030

The Program in Genetic Epidemiology and Statistical Genetics (PGSG) in the Department of Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health is seeking postdoctoral fellows interested in inherited susceptibility to common diseases, gene-environment interactions, and relevant statistical and computational methods. Potential mentors include Drs.:

  • David J. Hunter, MD, ScD (susceptibility to breast and prostate cancers)
  • Peter Kraft, PhD (statistical methods and gene environment interplay)
  • Immaculata De Vivo, MPH, PhD (hormonal cancers)
  • Timothy Rebbeck, PhD (molecular epidemiology of cancer, global health, health disparities)
  • Alkes Price, PhD (population structure and admixture)
  • Liming Liang, PhD (statistical methods and applications)
  • Lori Chibnik, PhD, MPH (genetics and epigenetics of Alzheimer’s Disease, cognitive decline, and Multiple Sclerosis; longitudinal data analysis and risk prediction)
  • Kathryn Penney, ScD (genetic and molecular epidemiology of prostate cancer)

Applicants with a prior doctoral degree in Epidemiology, Genetics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Medicine, or a relevant discipline will be considered.  Please submit a Curriculum Vitae/Resume and Statement of Purpose/Research Intent to Mars Murray at