New Members

Get to know the newest members of PGSG!

Arun Durvasula is a postdoctoral research fellow who began working with Dr. David Reich and Dr. Alkes Price in the Fall of 2021. His work involves studying the evolutionary forces that shape and maintain genetic variation in human populations as well as developing methods to link genetic variation to complex traits and diseases.




Ben Strober is a post-doctoral researcher who began working with Dr. Alkes Price in the Fall of 2021. Ben completed his PhD with Dr. Alexis Battle at Johns Hopkins University. Ben’s research focuses on context-specific genetic regulation of gene expression, and understanding its contribution to the genetic architecture of complex traits and disease. Ben is also a passionate rock climber.



Tiffany Amariuta is a post-doctoral research fellow who began working with Dr. Alkes Price in Fall 2020 on a research project investigating tissue-specific genetic contributions to disease. Tiffany is currently developing statistical methods to identify causal tissues by leveraging genetic co-regulation between genes and across tissues. She is also interested in fine-mapping disease-associated gene loci to identify causal genes.



Jordan Rossen joined Dr. Liming Liang’s and Alkes Price’s groups as a PhD student in Fall 2020. Jordan is a PhD student in the Genetic Epidemiology and Statistical Genetics track of the Epidemiology PhD program at HSPH. He is interested in the development of methods for polygenic risk prediction in Non-European populations. Before HSPH, Jordan’s research focused on data processing methodology for high-throughput cancer genomics datasets.



Jie (Jack) Hu is a post-doctoral research fellow who began working with Dr. Liming Liang in Fall 2019 on a research project investigating Sexual dimorphism in genetic associations of complex traits. Jack is a postdoctoral research fellow with Dr. Kathryn Rexrode, in Division of Women’s Health, Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Jack’s research focuses on investigating hormonal, metabolomic and genetic factors of cardiometabolic diseases in women, and sex differences in cardiometabolic diseases.



Karthik Jagadeesh is a post-doctoral research fellow advised by Dr. Alkes Price and Dr. Aviv Regev. He started his postdoctoral research in January 2019 and has been doing research at the intersection of single cell biology, human genetics and evolution. He is developing computational methods to better understand the cell types and cellular processes disrupted in disease which promises to help bridge the gap between variant and function.