Fall 2022 Seminar Series


Association between acetaminophen metabolites and CYPwE1 DNA Methylation level in neonate cord blood

Yijun Li
November 3, 2022


Shared Genetic Architecture between PCOS, BMI, Testosterone, SHBG, and Chronic Inflammation Markers

Lillian Petersen & Garyk Brixi
November 10, 2022


Lipidomic Signatures of Long-term Dairy Consumption and Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among Chinese Men and Women

Huan Yun
November 17, 2022


Gaining epidemiological insights into colorectal cancer in Nigeria

Du (Margaret) Meng
December 1, 2022


Distinct explanations underlie gene-environment interactions in the UK Biobank

Arun Durvasula
December 8, 2022


A consensus variant-to-function score to prioritize variants for disease

Kushal K Dey
December 15, 2022