Fall 2021

PGSG Faculty Lightning Talks

Liming Liang & Immaculata de Vivo
September 10, 2021


ASHG Practice Talks

Alkes Price, Tiffany Amariuta, Ben Strober, Richard Border & Sam Kim
September 17, 2021


Approaches for Evaluating Pan Cancer Pleiotropy

Rebecca Graff
September 24, 2021


The impact of age on genetic risk for common diseases

Xilin Jiang
October 15, 2021


Prioritizing variants for complex diseases as base-pair resolution

Kushal K. Dey
October 22, 2021


Reflections on ASHG Conference: Favorite Talks and Posters

Jun Li, Jie (Jack) Hu, Sarah Kalia, Martin Zhang, Xilin Jiang & Yon Ho Jee
October 29, 2021


Dynamic cell-type specific eQTL from single-cell RNA-seq of inflamed and non-inflamed colon elucidate biological mechanisms of ulcerative colitis.

Karthik Jagadeesh
November 5, 2021


Leveraging DNA-methylation data in weight-loss long-term large-scale RCT setting

Anat Yaskolka Meir
November 12, 2021


Integrating genetics and metaboliomics from multi-ethnic and multi-fluid data reveals putative mechanisms for age-related macular degeneration

Xikun Jan
November 19, 2021


Faculty Lightning Talks Featuring Presentations From

Alkes Price, Lori Chibnik, Kathryn Penney, Peter Kraft
December 3, 2021