Spring 2022


An efficient and accurate frailty model approach for genome-wide survival association analysis controlling for genetic ancestry structure and relatedness in large-scale biobanks

Rounak Dey
February 2, 2022


Polygenic enrichment distinguishes disease associations of individual cells insigne-cell RNA-seq data

Martin Zhang
February 11, 2022


Realizing the Potential of EHR Data for Clinical Research: Overcoming Noisiness, Privacy Constraints and Heterogeneity

Chuan Hong
February 18, 2022


Transcriptomics of the Prostate Microenvironment

Chaoran Ma & Kathryn Penney
February 25, 2022


A fast Bayesian scan for pleiotropic loci and frequency-dependent genetic effect sizes across 12 cancers

Sijia Huo
March 4, 2022


Investigating the contribution of rare coding variants to phenotypes in UK Biobank

Alison Barton
March 11, 2022


Uncovering context-specific genetic regulation of gene expression from single-cell RNA-sequencing using latent factor models

Ben Strober
March 25, 2022


Germline cancer gene eQTL influence local and global tumor mutations

Yuxi Liu
April 1, 2022


Modeling tissue co-regulation to infer tissue-specific contributions to disease heritability and covariance

Tiffany Amariuta-Bartell
April 8, 2022


Evaluating Polygenic Risk Scores for Risk-Stratified Screening: Development and Validation of Risk Prediction Models of Breast Cancer

Sarah Kalia
April 22, 2022


Sex Differences in the Intergenerational Link Between Maternal and Neonatal Whole Blood DNA Methylation: A Genome-wide Analysis in the Boston Birth Cohort

Jie (Jack) Hu
April 29, 2022


Biological and Social Influences on Disparities in Prostate Cancer Mortality

Timmothy Rebbeck
May 6, 2022


Genome-wide assessments of inflammatory markers to identify inflammatory pathways related to cardio metabolic disease

Jun Li 
May 13, 2022